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  • Sixty-five to ninety-five percent of all data breaches are related to compromised passwords. With Duo, someone who has your Net ID and password cannot log in to your BYU accounts without your device or passcode.
    Anyone with a Net ID and password can enroll in Duo! You just need a second factor device. Here is a list of options.

    Duo is required to access BYU confidential information like direct deposit, or to make changes to personal information. This prevents hackers from seeing and changing the things they shouldn't. All employees and students are automatically enrolled in and are required to use Duo.

  • Click on 'Enroll'.
    Then, return to and click on 'Confirm Enrollment'.

    Once you're enrolled and have confirmed your enrollment, log in to a BYU website, and you will be presented with the Duo prompt page.

    If you've configured your Duo Mobile app for 'Push' notifications (recommended), a 'Push' notification will be sent to your device that has the configured Duo Mobile app installed.

    More information on second factor options can be found here.

  • If you have a question or concern, we have several ways that you can contact us.

    During business hours (9-5 p.m.), visit your Duo Access Coordinator.
    Coordinators have received training and tools to help 'Prove it's you' and troubleshoot problems. For employees, Duo Access Coordinators are usually an HR/Payroll Manager, office manager, department secretary, or CSR.

    For students, the ID Center (1057 WSC) acts as a Duo Access Coordinator for in-person visits; BYU IT Support (801-422-4000) acts as a Duo Access Coordinator over the phone.

    For a complete list of Duo Access Coordinators, click here.