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First time enrollment and device setup

The steps for first-time enrollment and device setup can be found in the DUO Guide website.

We recommend having the Duo Guide site open on a second browser tab/window to refer back to while you step through the device setup process.

The DUO Guide site has the following steps:

  1. Introduction:
    Explains why two-step verification is important.
  2. Choose Your Verification Method:
    Shows the different verification methods you can choose from.
  3. Add Your Chosen Method:
    Walks you through how to add your chosen verification method.
  4. Add a Backup Method:
    Explains why it is a good idea to add a second verification method, but also gives you an option to skip it. If you choose to add backup method, simply follow step three again. It also explains what you will see after either skipping it or adding a backup method.